«The World Health Organisation (WHO) is failing in its duty to protect those populations who are victims of radioactive contamination.»


24 - January - 2017
Alexei Yablokov - October 1933 - January 2017

IndependentWHO – Health and Nuclear Power wishes to pay tribute to Alexei Yablokov, who we came to know, not only as a courageous, incorruptible and independent scientist, but also as a truly good human being. Our movement is inspired by the knowledge that such scientists exist. In 2008, Alexei Yablokov honoured us by participating in the Hippocratic Vigil in front of the World Health Organization in Geneva. Who better to stand in front of the headquarters of the people’s  international health authority and demand its independence from the nuclear lobby in matters of radiation and health?  He also participated in  [ Read More ]

5 - February - 2014
The crime of Chernobyl, a model for Fukushima

For a quarter of a century a systematic crime against humanity has been perpetrated by people in senior positions at the heart of Europe. The people living in Western Europe, so advanced technologically, remain indifferent and largely disinformed. In order to preserve the consensus around the military and civilian nuclear industry, the nuclear lobby and the official medical establishment have, for the past 26 years, knowingly condemned millions of human guinea pigs to an experiment on their bodies with new diseases in the vast laboratory provided by the territories contaminated by Chernobyl. Children are being treated like laboratory animals, under  [ Read More ]