«The World Health Organisation (WHO) is failing in its duty to protect those populations who are victims of radioactive contamination.»

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31 - March - 2015
The Vigil for Mars 2015 – Geneva and Paris

Since April 26, 2007, the Hippocratic Vigil has been held outside the WHO headquarters in Geneva, which now makes a total of 414 weeks without interruption. The vigil consists of a silent presence that aims to remind the World Health Organization of its obligations as set out in its constitution. We have added the name of Hippocrates to our description because of the ethical rules he instituted for health practitioners. As far as the protection of the health of people affected by the consequences of the nuclear industry is concerned, the World Health Organization ignores these rules. The Vigil takes  [ Read More ]

18 - March - 2015
2013 UNSCEAR Report on Fukushima: a critical appraisal

In August 2014, Dr Keith Baverstock published a critical evaluation of UNSCEAR’s 2013 report on the Fukushima disaster. Dr Baverstock, a graduate of London University, led the Radiation Protection Programme at the World Health Organisation’s Regional Office for Europe from 1991 to 2003. From 1998 to 2002 he set-up a dedicated project office in Helsinki for nuclear emergencies and public health and in 2002 he transferred to the WHO’s European Centre for Environment and Health located in Bonn where he was the Regional Advisor for Radiation and Public Health. In 2001 he was a member of a UN mission charged  [ Read More ]