«The World Health Organisation (WHO) is failing in its duty to protect those populations who are victims of radioactive contamination.»

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31 - October - 2013
The Vigil for October 2013 – Geneva and Paris

Since April 26, 2007, the Hippocratic Vigil has been held outside the WHO headquarters in Geneva, which now makes a total of 340 weeks without interruption. The vigil consists of a silent presence that aims to remind the World Health Organization of its obligations as set out in its constitution. We have added the name of Hippocrates to our description because of the ethical rules he instituted for health practitioners. As far as the protection of the health of people affected by the consequences of the nuclear industry is concerned, the World Health Organization ignores these rules. The Vigil takes  [ Read More ]

15 - October - 2013
Nuclear Hotseat R

On “Nuclear Hotseat”, a full-length interview with Alison Katz of IndependentWHO on the history, politics and criminal negligence of the World Health Organization. She is a sociologist and psychologist who worked for WHO for 18 years and now is a spokesperson for the organization that wants WHO to do its job regarding nuclear dangers and international public health. Even if you think you understand this issue, you will be shocked by the specific instances where WHO has abdicated its power. You’ll also be inspired by an international tactic Alison Katz proposes which has the potential to turn this issue around.  [ Read More ]