«The World Health Organisation (WHO) is failing in its duty to protect those populations who are victims of radioactive contamination.»

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30 - June - 2012
The Vigil for June 2012

Since April 26, 2007, the Hippocratic Vigil has been held outside the WHO headquarters in Geneva, which now makes a total of 270 weeks without interruption. The vigil consists of a silent presence that aims to remind the World Health Organization of its obligations as set out in its constitution. We have added the name of Hippocrates to our description because of the ethical rules he instituted for health practitioners. As far as the protection of the health of people affected by the consequences of the nuclear industry is concerned, the World Health Organization ignores these rules. The Vigil takes  [ Read More ]

25 - June - 2012
The Hippocratic Vigil

Since 26th April 2007, IndependentWHO has held a Hippocratic Vigil every working day outside the WHO headquarters in Geneva, to remind this international organisation of its constitutional duty to ensure “the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health”, which includes the area of health and radiation. The Scientific and Citizen Forum on Radioprotection, organised by IndependentWHO and held in Geneva on 12th and 13th May of this year, confirmed that in the case of Fukushima, just as with Chernobyl, the victims of nuclear disasters are currently unable to rely on the International Community, States or the  [ Read More ]

20 - June - 2012
Scientific and Citizen Forum

On Saturday 12th May 2012, more than 200 people, who attended the Forum on Radioprotection, listened to an extremely full programme of speeches and presentations given by speakers from Japan, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland and France. “See the abstracts of presentations” On Sunday 13th May, the speakers from Saturday’s event, joined with politicians, representatives of associations, members of the public and members of IndependentWHO, to discuss the question “What can we do together to ensure that the truth about the health consequences of external radiation and internal radioactive contamination, that result from both the civil and military  [ Read More ]

14 - June - 2012
Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

Paul Jobin, who has been monitoring workers at the Fukushima nuclear plant, provides an analysis of the Japanese government’s denial of the health implications for these workers and, more broadly, the long-term effects of the disaster. This censorship is, however, being challenged by the social mobilization that has followed, particularly on the Internet. ♦ Paul Jobin is an assistant professor at the Université Paris Diderot and leads the Taiwan branch of the French Center for the Study of Contemporary China (Centre d’Études Français sur la Chine contemporaine). He has written “Maladies industrielles et renouveau syndical au Japon” [Industrial Sicknesses and  [ Read More ]